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AMK SOL Traverse Survival Tool Kit


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The AMK SOL Traverse Survival Tool Kit Brings back the old-school survival tin with the quality and features of a modern survival kit. The Traverse survival kit has you covered in four of the main survival areas; WATER (purification tablet & storage), SHELTER, FIRE, and SIGNALING. The Traverse measures out at 6.25” X 4” X 1.5” and weighs in at a mere 6.1oz. This makes the Traverse survival kit one of the lightest survival tin and is a necessity for your next adventure!

Features and Specifications

  • Stay hydrated - each water purification tablet and folding 1-liter water bag will hold and purify up to 1 liter of water.
  • Stay warm - SOL Emergency Blanket reflects 90% of radiated body heat and stretched up to 650% without being torn.
  • Start campfires and camp stoves - Fire Lite striker is waterproof and tested to produce over 5,000 sparks. Tinder Quik burns up to two minutes, even when wet.
  • Be Heard - broadcast your location up to one mile away with the 100dB Mini Slim Rescue Howler pea-less whistle
  • Size: 15.5 x10 x 3.5 cm
  • Weight: 226.8 grams


  • Heatsheets Emergency Blanket
  • Sterile 1L Water Bag
  • 2 x Katadyn Micropur MP1 Water Purification Tablets
  • 4 x Tinder Quik
  • Fire Lite Sparker
  • Heatsheets Emergency Blanket
  • Duct Tape 2″ x 26″
  • 1 x Safety Pin
  • Slim Rescue Howler Whistle
  • Survival Instructions
  • Water Resistant Tin