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Jetboil Grande Coffee Press


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Upgrade your backcountry beverage selection with the feather-light Jetboil Grande Coffee Press. The stem detaches from the basket so you can stow in your cup. Includes both Sumo and Minimo compatible rods. Compatible with MiniMo, Sumo, Sumo TI. Also compatible with the 1-Liter Short and 1.8-Liter Spare Cups.​

    Features and Specifications

    • 30 grams
    • Height: 7.2" (for Sumo) and 4.6" (for MiniMo)
    • Dimensions:
    • 4.6" (118 mm) diameter x 4.6" (118 mm) for MiniMo*
    • 4.6" (118 mm) diameter x 7.2" (183 mm) for Sumo*