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Dupont Tyvek Ground Sheet 2.74 M Wide - Sold Off the Roll, Per Metre


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Dupont's Tyvek Homewrap is a waterproof and breathable material that is popular for use under tents as a floor saver or as an emergency shelter.  We sell this per whole metre off the roll.  Orders are cut and folded prior to shipping.  

Roll width is 2742mm

Features and Specifications

  • A micro-fibrous, highly breathable wall wrap used as an adjunct to bulk insulation in walls.
  • The tough structure of Tyvek HomeWrap™ is engineered to create millions of extremely small pores that resist bulk water and air penetration whilst allowing water vapour to pass through.
  • Helps protect a home against damaging wind and rain that can penetrate through exterior cladding.
  • The unique structure of Tyvek HomeWrap™ blocks excess water from entering into walls.
  • The Breathable structure of Tyvek HomeWrap™ allows water vapour to pass through to facilitate drying in wall systems.