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Optimus Terra Weekend HE Backpacking Cook Set


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The Optimus Terra Weekend HE Cookset is designed for one to two person use for activities that require a durable, lightweight pot and pan set up. The set includes a 0.95 litre saucepan and a frying pan made of non-stick hard anodized aluminium. The handles are insulated against heat and allow you to remove the pot from the stove without burning your hand while the pot has a pouring lip and measurements for ease of use. The pot base features a special heat exchanger which spreads the heat, increasing fuel efficiency by 20% and included is a BOB sponge for scratch-free cleaning. Most 230g butane/propane canisters will nest perfectly inside the Terra Weekend.


  • Material: Non-stick hard anodized aluminium
  • Colour: Silver, green
  • Size: 0.95L saucepan