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Osprey Duro 1.5 litre Trail Running Vest-Pack with Flasks


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Training, racing and more. The Osprey Duro 1.5 Litre Trail Running Vest is a svelte hydration companion perfect for training runs, long races, or streamlined days in the mountains. While it may be the smallest volume of the series, it will carry you further than you ever imagined. With a body-hugging fit that provides bounce-free carry, smart and accessible organization for fuel and gear, and soft flasks. A Hydraulics Reservoir can be also added for additional hydration. The Duro 1.5 helps you focus on what matters most; continuous forward motion.

Features and Specifications

  • Built for speed - vest-pack fit provides bounce-free stability and purpose-built for incredible comfort so you can focus on FKT's and PR's.
  • Easy gear access - pockets up front for quick access to fuel and soft-flasks, trekking pole storage when you need to use your hands as much as your feet to move forward, and room for rain gear and extra layers.
  • Hydration Included - includes two 500 ml soft flasks. 
  • Zippered reservoir sleeve to house hydration reservoir (not included) Reservoir with
  • Vertical zippered harness slash pocket with whistle zipper pull
  • Dual lower stretch mesh food/supplement harness pockets

Carry Information

Full Airmesh Backpanel

  • Breathable mesh wrap with soft, irriatation free contact surface

Body Wrap Harness

  • Adjustable and removable dual chest straps for additional stability
  • Front harness gear- and food-organization pockets
  • Breathable mesh wrap with soft, irritation-free contact surface


S/M 37 cm High x 25 cm Wide x 7 cm Deep ; 453 grams; 1 Litre Volume in vest

M/L  42 cm High x 25 cm Wide x 7 cm Deep ; 485 grams; 1.5 Litre Volume in vest


Main: 70D x 140D Nylon Triangle Ripstop
320Gr Nylon Stretch Mesh
200Gr Nylon Stretch Mesh

Sizing and Fitting of your Osprey Vest-Pack

The Duro/Dyna Series comes in two sizes, men's S/M and M/L and women's XS/S and S/M. Based on torso length and chest circumference, these packs are sized like apparel. The surface area of the harness evenly distributes the weight of the pack on both the smaller and larger volumes. Measurements should be taken at widest part of chest slightly below armpits.

Duro - Men's
 Size Centimetres
S/M 86-102 cm
M/L 99-104
Fitting your Pack Running involves an incredible amount of dynamic movement. Whether climbing, descending, or hitting the flats it takes a uniquely and well-designed pack to maintain stability through all movements, and stability cannot come at the expense of pulmonary freedom. A pack that does all this and rides so comfortably the runner forgets they are wearing it is an incredible achievement. Please follow these instructions to achieve proper fit and function with your new pack. step one position the pack This pack anchors to the rib cage to prevent unwanted bouncing. To do this, it needs to sit higher on your torso than a typical hiking pack. When first putting on your pack, make sure the top of the pack sits just below the base of your neck. 2. position dual chest straps Buckle both sternum straps, leaving the webbing a little loose for now. The top chest strap should be positioned 1-2”/2.5-5 cm below the collarbone. The bottom chest strap can be moved up toward the middle of the harness to accommodate free and easy breathing; however, keep it down low if pack stability is your primary concern. For women, adjust the chest strap position so that it fits comfortably and keeps the pack snug. 3. tighten chest straps Before tightening the chest straps, make sure you have completely loosened the under-arm side body straps on each side of the pack. With the chest strap positioned appropriately, pinch the end of the webbing with your thumb and index finger and pull the strap until the tension pulls the strap from your grasp. This helps avoid overtightening the pack. Make small adjustments as necessary to ensure a secure fit. 4. tighten body straps Pull the side body straps that connect the harness and pack under each arm. This will pull in the lower portion of the pack against the body and snug the pack around your rib cage. Double-check the chest harness strap positioning and tension to ensure optimal fit, comfort and stability.