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Sea to Summit Comfort Deluxe Self-Inflating Sleeping Mat / Pad - Large Wide (2 together make a queen bed)

Sea to Summit

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The ultimate luxury for car camping, 4WD adventures or for extended base-camp style trips, the Sea to Summit Comfort Deluxe Self Inflating Sleeping Mat in Byron Blue features 10cm of plush foam providing the compact comfort you need for a great night’s sleep outdoors.

Delta Core Technology

Sea to Summit's Delta Core technique is a truly innovative approach to reducing the weight and bulk of the polyurethane (PU) foam core of their self-Inflating mattresses. The patent pending coring process removes up to 40% of the initial volume of the PU foam, retaining enough for optimal support and comfort, while minimising the packed weight and size of the final mattress. Importantly, this coring technique has the additional benefit of keeping the top and bottom surface of the PU foam completely intact. This ensures consistent warmth along the full length of the mattress, avoiding the vertical holes or frame-like gaps that have traditionally allowed warmth to leach downwards. The full foam surface also provides significantly improved bonding of the foam to the shell fabrics of the mattress, thereby greatly reducing the chance of delamination. The shape and size of the Delta Cores are adjusted across the different thicknesses of our mattresses to ensure strength and durability, while still giving the user excellent support and self-inflating performance. The horizontal Delta Coring technique is used in our Comfort Light SI, Comfort Plus SI and Comfort Deluxe SI models.

Easy to Use and Helpful Multi-Function Valve

Sea to Summit have literally put a new twist on their very successful multi-function valve so it specifically addresses the inherent characteristic of self-inflating mats-that is, the problem of the foam trying to re-inflate as you’re packing up.
They’ve engineered the “one-way” inflation valve to be reversible and used it to prevent the mat from drawing air back in. this allows you to roll the mat up as small as possible without fighting re-inflation as you go. This patent-pending valve design has the same slim profile, faster inflation than traditional screw valves, easy pressure fine-tuning and super-fast deflation rate as our air mattresses and pillow.

Features and Specifications

  • With 10cm vertical side walls, and a flat sleeping surface thanks to our Delta Core™ foam technology, this is as close to a conventional mattress you’ll get while still being able to fit other items in your car/van or expedition size pack. With an R-value of 5.2, Comfort Deluxe S.I. Mats can be used in all but the coldest temperatures.
  • PU foam is thicker on top of each Delta™ Core™ for better insulation directly under you. It also keeps top and bottom surface of foam intact ensuring consistent warmth along entire length of the mat and better bonding with shell fabrics
  • Diagonal supporting foam walls help inflate the mattress and creates a more compact rolled mat
    10cm thick
  • Multi-function high flow-rate valve provides fast inflate, deflate and easy fine-tuning for personalised comfort
    Included Pillow Lock™ system attaches Sea to Summit pillows to mat

R-Value: 6.5

Thickness: 10 cm

Length: 201 cm

Width: 76 cm

Depth: 10 cm

Weight: 2645 grams

Rolled Size: 20.4 x 76cm